"Inside blue"

"In blue forest"

"Inside red" Series "Girl and birds"

"Blue ocean"

"Inside purple"

"Magnificent blue"

"On an olive meadow" (1,2,3,4)

"Red ibises in green forest" (1,2,3)

"Series "Windows"(1,2)

"Series "Windows"(3,4)

"Series "Windows"(5,6)

"Series "Windows"(5,6)

"Series "Windows"(7-9)

Series "Windows"

"Series "Windows"(10-12)

"Sunflowers" (1,2,3)

Series "Sunflowers"

"Girl with emerald and purple ibises" (1,2)

Series "Faces" (1-3)

Series "Faces" (4-6)

"Girl and drops" (1,2)

"Girl and drops" (3-6)

"Inside red"

"Girl in hat of irises and sapphires" (1,2)

"Girl and birds" (1,2)

"Girl and birds" (3,4)

"Girl and a pearl"  (1,2)

"Girl and a pearl" (3)

"Girl and a pearl"  (4)

"Girl, black pearl and irises" 

"Girl and irises" (1,2,3)


"In gold of irises" (1,2)

"Girl and sea"


"Girl in green shell on green"

"Girl in green shell on green"

"Girl and green shell"

"Girl and crystal" 1

"Girl and crystal" 2

Girl and crystal "Inside emerald"

"Irises" (1-3)

"Irises" (4-6)

"Irises" (7-9)

"Irises" (10-13)

"Love story" (1,2)

"Love story" (3,4)

"Herons (1,2)

"Blue jays and sapphires"

"Blue ibises"

"Purple ibises on green meadow"(1,2)

"Green catbirds"(1,2)