Lyu Sienna 

Stand on the ground. Look at the sky. Trust people.

A psychologist and business coach who carried out training for 15,000 leaders and worked with audiences of 300 people. Professional success allows me to feel - I stand on the ground.

9 years ago, inspired by a visit to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, I created my first painting "Almond Blossom”. The painting looked similar to the tree that I, at the age of five, failed to complete at my paintings class. 

So, many years later, an artist woke up in me. 

Since then, I began my path in art. 

Thanks to the painting, I learned to look at the sky.

Then, I continued my education at master classes in painting of Iris Frederix (Netherlands).I had 6 exhibitions of my works: 4 in Netherlands and two in Kiev (Ukraine).
Later I start to design wallpaper based on my painting.
My passion - to inspire people to create their stylish interior.

I am from Kiev. Live in Nederland. Available worldwide. 
Core values are freedom and trust. 

If you want to get off the ground then listen to yourself. If you want to fly far then hold on to people.